"Dr. Kenney cares deeply about her patients. Whether I am seeing her for an issue with my own health or my son’s I know that she will take great care. I know that when I call Dr. Kenney, I will be heard. She checks in regularly and is agile enough to make changes if need be. One thing that always strikes me is that she trusts my version of the story - she really believes that her patients know their own bodies. When it comes to my health, I find this really affirming and empowering."  L.T.

"Our 6-year-old son has been a patient of Dr. Jill Kenney throughout his life. She has helped him with a wide range of issues. I love Dr. Kenney's holistic approach. She listens with an open mind and always thoughtfully probes for details beyond the symptoms including behavior, mood, sleep, appetite and any external factors that could be related to the issue at hand. Dr. Kenney always makes sure that I understand the why behind her recommendations and makes herself available when I have questions. She has helped our son in so many ways and we are fortunate to have her in our lives!" - B.C.

"Dr. Kenney is extremely thorough, thoughtful & personal. Thank you!"

"Dr. Jill Kenney is very knowledgeable and thorough in her explanations about the supplements, vitamins and food choices she has recommended. She listens attentively and answers all my questions. I am so pleased to be under her care."