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  • Dr. Jill Kenney, Naturopathic Medicine, Fairfield, CT

Should I Eat Soy?

Studies have shown that consuming soy in whole from (not supplements or high processed food) is NOT associated with risk of breast cancer. In fact, soy consumption has been associated with better breast cancer and other cancer survival rates.

Soy contains a particular isoflavone known as phytoestrogen, plant based estrogen, which is different from the type of estrogen our body produces. Soy isoflavone binds to estrogen receptors preventing endogenous estrogen (estrogen that is made in the body) from binding to those receptors thereby providing protection.

I recommend that you consume organic, non-GMO forms of fermented soy such as miso and tempeh. I would also encourage you to eat the whole form of soy and not soy meat/sausage or soy protein which are highly processed.

Below is an informative overview on soy.

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