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  • Dr. Kenney, Fairfield, CT

Eat Your Best: A Real Foods Primer For Those Diagnosed With Cancer

Hosted by Heather Carey and Dr. Jill Kenney, Naturopathic Doctor

With so much misinformation on the internet, having the dual challenge of a cancer diagnosis and knowing what to eat can be downright confusing and daunting. In this workshop Heather and Dr. Kenney will help you find out what food is best to eat once you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, create an understanding of how the food we eat can create or eliminate inflammation, and learn how to prepare simple, tasty recipes to strengthen your body, energy and soul.

We will talk and taste in this informative night. $20 per person

Thursday, Nov. 14th, 2019 6:30pm (space is limited)

at Green Palate Kitchen 59 Old Post Road, Southport, CT

Please email me at or call 203.418.7657 to register.

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