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  • Dr. Jill Kenney, Naturopathic Medicine, Fairfield, CT

Top ways to boost Vitamin D levels!

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin which helps to prevent a number of chronic diseases including cancer, autoimmune disorders, osteoporosis, and diabetes. The body is able to make vitamin D when skin is exposed to sunlight, however, when sunscreen is used to block the harmful rays of the sun, it limits the synthesis of vitamin D leaving many deficient in an essential nutrient. Thankfully, there are other ways to boost vitamin D levels.

Ways to Boost Vitamin D Levels:

  1. Vitamin D3 supplement: Most people will need to take a Vitamin D3 supplement. A simple blood test is the best way to determine how much vitamin D to take.

Blood Test: 25-hydroxyvitamin D or 25 (OH).

  1. Whole Food Sources: wild salmon, cod liver oil, and whole egg

  2. Fortified Foods: Cereal, milk, and yogurt

In the news:

The Sunshine Randomized Clinical Trial, Effect of High-Dose vs Standard-Dose Vitamin D3 Supplementation on Progression-Free Survival Among Patients With Advanced or Metastatic Colorectal Cancer, is a promising study that suggests high doses of Vitamin D3 along with chemotherapy may benefit patients with metastatic colorectal cancer. For more information on the trial please click on the links below.

As with starting any new protocols, please seek the advice of a healthcare professional prior to supplementing with Vitamin D.

Dr. Jill Kenney is Naturopathic Doctor at Park Avenue Medical Center.

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